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Selmer Paris

Reference 54 Tenor


Reference 54 Tenor

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Lacquer

Brand : Selmer Paris

Instrument : Tenor Saxophone

Category : LacquerNewTenor


The Reference 54 Tenor has been universally acclaimed to be the best Tenor that Selmer has produced since it discontinued the legendary Mark VI in 1974. Now, there is  a viable alternative to the legend that is fresh and young (not 30 to 60+ years old). Modeled after the Mark VI, the Reference 54 tenor is capable of rich, centered sound with great intonation. The traditionally lacquer finished neck, body, and bell are hammered from a brass alloy with a higher content of copper than other model saxophones. This softer metal allows for an incredible degree of tonal richness and warmth. Destined to be Selmer's workhorse of the future. USA Horn sets up each of these horns and voices them so they play to their fullest potential.