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T-991 Tenor


T-991 Tenor

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Lacquer

Brand : Yanagisawa

Instrument : Tenor Saxophone

Category : NewTenor

This true asset to the Yanagisawa line incorporates some extraordinarily fine features. In our judgment is a major leap forward in a long line of great saxophones produced by this "sax only" company. Yanagisawa only makes top quality saxophones. The 901 is their entry level pro model and by comparison the 991 is a deluxe model. Double control arms are employed on the large B and C key cups on its lower stack. This leads to a greater feeling of firmness and stability and guarantees the precise alignment of the key cup to tone hole on these critical keys. Along with its under-slung neck and elegance of construction it is our belief that mechanically there is no better saxophone being manufactured today. With an even scale and a  rich tone, combined with excellent projection, the 991 proves itself to be a substantial choice for a discriminating performer.


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