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Dealer Policy

"Authorized Dealer" & Warranty Information

And what it means for you

At USA Horn, we offer our own user friendly warranty which has helped us achieve an unparalleled reputation for customer service and satisfaction. USA Horn, Inc. is not an authorized reseller of Selmer®, Yamaha® or Yanagisawa® musical instruments, and these musical instruments purchased from this website do not carry their respective manufacturer's warranty.

We purchase all of our authentic current model Selmer®, Yamaha® and Yanagisawa® instruments brand new from authorized resellers. We receive them in factory sealed boxes exactly as they come from the manufacturer. We are, therefore, the first "owners" of these instruments and so they do not carry their original manufaturer's warranty when you purchase them from us. We warranty every instrument we sell ourselves, here in-house. Our warranty program meets or exceeds all aspects of the original manufacturer's warranty.

The advantage of our in house warranty service is that our customers deal directly with our world renowned repair department and expert tecnicians who make the resolution of any warranty issues their top priority.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
1 (800) USA-Horn or (908) 688-3555