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Repair Services -Until further notice, we will not be taking in customer repairs

World-Class Overhauls and Repairs

With a reputation for doing saxophone overhauls at the absolute highest level of quality, for decades, this title is well earned. New and repeat customers from the 4 corners of the globe have been sending their cherished horns to us. With over 35 years honing our skills, our saxophone overhauls and repairs take a second chair to none. From a common minor repair to the most complex restoration of a damaged horn... it is routine to us. 

Student's instruments are treated with an attention to detail that other shops may consider not necessary or wasted time.. We know that a young player may be discouraged very early on with the feeling that he or she "can't do this", not knowing that the problem is that their instrument is not in proper repair.

Professionals can rest assured that every detail is understood and will be attended to, by a master technician that is also a professional sax player.

Our local customers have the convenience of coming to our shop in person. But, if you are at a distance that may make the trip too time consuming or too costly, it is common for us to send a shipping carton with a UPS return label. Our shipments are always packed to ensure a safe, damage-free trip with full insurance and a signature required for delivery. 

Repair work falls into a few categories:

-Limited: Individual repairs or regulation to fix specific problems with the goal being proper playing condition. Details and estimate are discussed prior to beginning work. An accurate price is given upon inspection.

-Damage: Must be inspected to estimate a cost of repair.

-Full Repad: Includes the replacement of all pads with cork and felt replaced as needed and a complete regulation (often a choice for student saxophones).

-Full Overhaul: Included are a chemical wash followed by a soapsuds wash. All keys are refit to the closest of tolerances. Springs are replaced as needed. Tone holes are inspected and leveled when needed. All pads (custom resonators available), cork, felt and tubing are replaced. A full regulation is done and it is followed with final meticulous adjustments prior to pick up or shipping.


Common Repair Prices

Neck Cork ----------------------------------------$25

Refit Neck------------------------------------------$35

Regulation (full adjustment) ----------------$75

Pad Replace (each)------------------------------$25

Damage-Dents-Customization (hour) ----$75

Repad (soprano/alto/tenor)-----------------$600

Overhaul (soprano /alto / tenor)-----------$1200

Overhaul (baritone)--------------------------$1400