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A-W037 Alto


A-W037 Alto

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Sterling Silver

Brand : Yanagisawa

Instrument : Alto Saxophone

Category : AltoNew


Solid! As in solid sterling silver neck, body and bell. This is more than just a sax, it's a work of art. With it's liberal engraving, it is certainly a most beautiful horn. Yanagisawa has outdone themselves... again. In addition to its breath taking beauty, this is a player's horn, no doubt about it. Destined to be a collectors item, but meant to be played. This is a horn with ultimate projection that cuts right through with a complex timbre that features enhanced high end partials The low end is robust. When played at a fff dynamic, it roars; when at ppp, it's pretty-pretty-pretty. As to the mid-range, there is a solid core sound that completes the sonority.


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