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B-W01 Baritone


B-W01 Baritone

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Lacquer

Brand : Yanagisawa

Instrument : Baritone Saxophone

Category : BaritoneNew


This is without a doubt , in all respects, the very best baritone available in its price range. It has the same bore and interior dimensions as the deluxe Yanagisawa BW010 baritone . The major difference is the absence of  post/rib construction and the full array of double control arms on the bell keys that Yanagisawa includes with the deluxe 010 model. It does include double control arms  on the low C. . Baritones are large scale instruments and require excellent materials, tooling and construction to hold up well. Yanagisawa gives you all this in the BW01 at a reasonable price, along with an excellent scale and great sonic quality, and an extremely comfortable key board layout. We stopped handling certain other companies closely priced baritones when this instrument came out because none of them came close to Yanagisawa's quality and durability. It is unquestionable a Best Buy for someone seeking a professional quality horn for a lifetime at a price that hasn't soared into the stratosphere.


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