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BW-010 Baritone


BW-010 Baritone

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Lacquer

Brand : Yanagisawa

Instrument : Baritone Saxophone

Category : BaritoneNew


The Yanagisawa company has got itself a winner and a serious contender for the best currently manufactured baritone on the market. The scale is great and the sound is full and rich, along with a particular bright edge, which is precisely what serious players are looking for. On Soprano , alto , or tenor many players are seeking a "dark" sound. On Baritone , "dark" translates into "dull", and dull is the kiss of death on Baritone. Soloing on a "dark" baritone is a players nightmare. It just won't carry, or cut through a section. The construction on this baritone is second to none with it's double control arms on the low larger key cups starting from low-C down. Having two braces controlling the low A is a absolute blessing in terms of maintaining pad coverage and reliability and confidence in coverage. On a large size instrument this extra bit of engineering is nothing short of brilliant, and should save many a trip to the repairman. RELIABILITY! SONIC EXCELLENCE! and COMFORT - when playing for extended periods! This Horn Has It All !

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