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BW-030BSB Baritone


BW-030BSB Baritone

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Sterling Silver

Brand : Yanagisawa

Instrument : Baritone Saxophone

Category : BaritoneNew


We have now moved out of the "Dark Age" with this horn. With it's sterling silver neck and body tube, this axe truly has the edge to cut through in any playing situation. Up until now, it has only been a rumor that this model bari existed. But, it is not just a myth. Playing it is a truly joyful experience. If you're taking the lead it projects like no other and at ppp it's sweet personality comes through. Double control arms add stability to the large low end key cups and three different lengths of floor pegs, that screw into the bottom bow, are included for use when playing in a seated position. Engraving on the bell adds to the elegance of this unique instrument. A case, mouthpiece and strap are included.

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