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SC-9930 Curved Soprano


SC-9930 Curved Soprano

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Sterling Silver

Brand : Yanagisawa

Instrument : Soprano Saxophone

Category : NewSoprano


Here are a lot of words describing some of the highlights in this model's construction: Solid sterling silver body tube. Adjustable front F key. The teflon inner octave system. C#-Bb connected table key. C#-Bb & C#-B double connected table key. Round surface octave key. White shell lined indented keys. Seat of one left hand side key. One key column long seat. Goldplated thumb hook & rest. Pointed pivot screws. Air tight waterproof pads. Metal reflectors. Needle springs. Double arm key. Tri-point balanced bell brace. Sway-free F-auxiliary key mechanism. What all of that means is: This model is manufactured to the highest standards with a 21st century design. The Sterling Silver adds some "shimmer" to the high end....A joy to play.