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Selmer Paris

Series III Jubilee Soprano


Series III Jubilee Soprano

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Silver Plate

Brand : Selmer Paris

Instrument : Soprano Saxophone

Category : NewSoprano


Straight and curved necks with HI F# and G. The Selmer Series III Soprano is arguably the best all around soprano Selmer has ever produced, with the richest sound of any soprano on the market today. Selmer has repositioned the high D, E, and F, and the rest of keyboard for maximum comfort and accessibility. These sopranos are tuned to perfection, with a rich lush sound. This model was Selmer's response to the challenge presented by fine efforts in Japan and Germany in this arena. With the Series III soprano Selmer out did themselves, and proved themselves more than able to rise to the occasion. The III soprano, with its rich, big, quality sound, and dynamic flexibility, is in a league of its own. The redesigned, ergonomic keyboard, with its sprightly action, exceeds anything Selmer every achieved before. It gets our top rating, as the best all around Soprano available today, and sets a new Standard of excellence for others to attempt to emulate. Silver plated.


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