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Selmer Paris

Series III Jubilee Tenor 64JBL


Series III Jubilee Tenor 64JBL

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Black

Brand : Selmer Paris

Instrument : Tenor Saxophone

Category : NewTenor


 The Series III Tenor has been universally acclaimed to be the best Tenor that Selmer has produced since it discontinued the legendary Mark VI in 1974. There is finally a viable alternative , to the legend, that is fresh and young , (not 25 to 45 years old) and won't force you to mortgage your house, to acquire . Selmer Paris sound and action are universally acclaimed. They are the standard against which all other horns are measured, and this model has it all. This is not just a question of our opinion. Among top players and enthusiasts this baby is making serious inroads into Mark VI territory.


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