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Selmer Paris

Series III Jubilee Tenor 64JS


Series III Jubilee Tenor 64JS

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Silver Plate

Brand : Selmer Paris

Instrument : Tenor Saxophone

Category : NewTenor


The Series III Tenor has been acclaimed as the best modern sounding tenor that Selmer has produced. The silver plating not only adds a timeless beauty to the instrument it also contributes to a livliness in response. There is finally a viable alternative in the legendary line up, that is fresh and young and won't require a refinance on your house to acquire. Selmer Paris sound and action are universally acclaimed. They are the standard against which all other horns are measured, and this model has it all. This is not just a question of our opinion. Among top players and enthusiasts with a new vision, this baby is making serious inroads as the new classic. 


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