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Selmer Paris

T Series Alto Clarinet


T Series Alto Clarinet

Serial Number : 5XX

Finish : Grenadilla

Brand : Selmer Paris

Instrument : Clarinets

Category : ClarinetsUsed


Selmer T-Series Alto Clarinet. We are researching the details for this beauty. We believe it's manufacture date to be pre-1931. Even tough there is a "T" preceding the serial number, we do not believe it to be the 1963 vintage. We've noticed that earlier alto clarinets used the "T" prefix; we're attempting to get some accurate info. This clarinet with silver plating is in glorious condition. The upper and lower joints have matching serial numbers. The neck has a 24 stamped and the bell has a 4 stamped.. The wood is amazing and sets a standard for what 'pemium' means. A repad would certainly be recommended if you are going to put this one into regular play. The only negative is that the original owner removed (and lost) the lyre holder so, marching with this may be a chore.