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YAS-23 Alto


YAS-23 Alto

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Lacquer

Brand : Yamaha

Instrument : Alto Saxophone

Category : AltoUsed


This is a picture of a typical YAS-23, which we consider to be the best student alto on the market. Yamaha's 23 altos sell so regularly that it would be a little too time consuming to put up every one that comes through. The horn pictured here happens to be in like new condition - meaning that it is virtually scratch and dent free with very little playing time on it. We offer used YAS-23's in a variety of cosmetic conditions. One fact remains true regardless of the aesthetics: all used YAS-23 altos are shipped in top playing condition with a case, mouthpiece and strap. It is a priority to us that students are not fighting their equipment. The range in prices is based soley on cosmetics. At the present time we have models, in a range of cosmetic conditions, priced from $500 to $800. A $500 alto will show some real signs of use (with some repaired dents, lacquer wear, etc.) and one priced at $800 is like new with only the most minor signs of use (a scratch or two). Shipping is $45 in the continental U.S. 

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