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YSS-475 II Soprano


YSS-475 II Soprano

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Lacquer

Brand : Yamaha

Instrument : Soprano Saxophone

Category : NewSoprano


This is a no frills, one piece, soprano with a range to high F#. It has many of the features previously incorporated into the pro-line 62 model.- Excellent scale , tuning and responsive keyboard. The sound is centered and solid. At the price it is being offered there is little to no serious competition. It is really the only choice at its low price point being offered today from any main-line company, with a reputation behind it like Yamaha, available on the market today. Yamaha's retain their value and there is plenty of value incorporated in this "intermediate" gem. It out plays and is better constructed than lesser companies "Pro-line Models" whatever their price. If this horn meets your budget requirements , we can't in good conscience really recommend a better choice.


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