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YSS-875 EXB/HG Soprano


YSS-875 EXB/HG Soprano

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Black

Brand : Yamaha

Instrument : Soprano Saxophone

Category : NewSoprano


With a range to high G, this is a two necked model (curved and straight). It is currently the very top of Yamaha's fine line. It is constructed to the very highest standards and has a rich solid voice all its own. It is the first choice of many discriminating players and helped push the envelope on the new high level of soprano development that began with the Yamaha 61. In our opinion this is a true journeyman's horn that mechanically is least likely to develop glitches or require spot maintenance of any horn currently on the market. It's extreme reliability and solid full sound as well as its excellent action and scale, with improved tuning, make it a first choice for many professional musicians. It has a beauty and level of excellence all its own.


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