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YTS-82Z U "Custom" Tenor


YTS-82Z U "Custom" Tenor

Serial Number : 007

Finish : Unlacquered

Brand : Yamaha

Instrument : Tenor Saxophone

Category : NewTenor


As good as Yamaha's latest, improved version of the lacquered Custom Z's are, an extra dimension of response comes into play with this rare and hard to get tenor. For years, players have been bringing their lacquered horns to our shop to have us strip the lacquer and hand polish them. Why? For years, players in the know have considered unlacquered horns to be more resonant. With the Unlacquered Custom Z, Yamaha has cut out the middle man and now allows the player to break in a brand new horn that is unlacquered. In time, the raw brass of this horn will develop a rich, dark patina. Yamaha's little brother to this horn, the YAS-82Z Unlacquered Alto, has already proven itself to be outstanding. Both of these horns, with their right-on intonation and sweet sonics, are sure to prove themselves to be classics.